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John Wainwright

Birth: 1896
Death: 1966 -autumn
Regiment: Montgomeryshire Yeomanry then 268 Royal Field Artillery


John was born in Newtown to Edwin John, a blacksmith and grocer, his mother Elizabeth Jane also worked in the family business. He had 3 brothers and 3 sisters. John had worked as a blacksmith, cycle mechanic and post messenger. When he joined as a cadet in 1914 he was 5'8" tall. He went on to join the Montgomeryshire Yeomanry 135313, then the Royal Feild Artillery 1268. He married Morfyddhe. He served in Egypt, having sailed from Davenport to Alexandria on 4.3.1916 and returned on the 22.10.1916 on the HMS Minnetonka. He slipped on an icey step at the Lords Cricket Ground which was then their barracks and injured his pelvis. He recovered and retired in September 1919. He was working as a farmer in 1939. He died in the autumn 1966 in Welshpool.

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